Saturday morning we headed further south and west. The plan was to have diner at the Marathon Yacht Club, at the invitation of Jim Barrentine, MYC member and EndeavourCat owner. Some of the boats decided to go straight to the yacht club and meet the van bringing us over from Bahia Honda. The photos above and below were taken aboard Catatonic and the 48 headed out the channel 5 bridge. Those headed for Marathon stayed on the inside.

We decided to make a short detour and go out to Sombrero Reef to take some pictures of the boats in the beautifully colored water.

Good idea, except that the winter colors just don't match those of summer. Pretty, but not outstanding.

When we get to Bahia Honda we find the 40 ft Venture Forth was already there and tied up to the sea wall.

Even cats should think twice when entering at low tide. You have to favor the rocky side to get it.

Once inside it's nice and cozy with a little store that has hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, tourists stuff and T-shirts.

The yacht club van showed up right on time and off we went to Marathon to join the other rendezvousers.
Photos of the yacht club dinner have yet to arrive and will be posted when we get them.

Sunday morning Rob and Erick headed out on the 48.

Yep. It's pretty thin.

Once out, they headed for the bridge and headed north towards home....or so we thought.

Venture Forth crew Paul Rhines and friend take the dinghy out for a spin and to see how much bridge clearance there was on the 48.

And as the sun sets, yet another fine meal was being prepared aboard Venture Forth.

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