After a very successful Miami boat show, 44ft Catatonic and 48 ft Endeavour headed south to Boca Chita. We left late morning and made 7 knots, arriving late afternoon. When we arrived, 44ft Dream Away and 38ft Last Resort were already there. They helped us tie up and get the cocktails flowing.  To everyone's dismay, Bob and Alice were not aboard the 48.

Things can change fast, and they did at the close of the show.  A family emergency came up and all the planning went out the window. Bob and Alice had to fly out the next morning (first day of the rendezvous) and would not be able to participate. So it would be Rob and cousin Eric aboard the 48 and Capm Woody alone on Catatonic.

The weather was cool, overcast and windy, so that meant that the large inflatable outdoor movie screen would not work, so the plans to show some classic movies (Young Frankenstein, Captain Ron, etc.) had to be scratched too. Too windy for Boca Chita's charcoal grills too, so we decided to dine aboard the 48.

Steaks were cut and prepped aboard Endeavour and Bill Jones cooked them to perfection aboard Last Resort.

When the steaks were done, we all gathered in the SkyLounge of Endeavour and ate all we could. The shortage of people meant an over abundance of food, but we did our best under the circumstances.

It wasn't the same without Bob and Alice, but we had a great time anyway. Supper was late, so everyone crashed pretty much after the after dinner clean-up. On the way back to Catatonic, Capm Woody wandered about looking for photos and came up the some nice natural light shots lit only by the full moon.

Wednesday morning dawned gray and cool. We walked over to Mi-T-Mo (pronounced Mighty Moe), a former mine sweeper converted to a live-aboard cruiser. The owner did an amazing job in making it a comfortable cruiser. We got the tour of the whole boat, including engine room. There were six of us in the engine room and it was not crowded. I think he said the deck alone was half inch steel. If this thing hits the dock, fear for the dock, not the boat. (Photos to come soon)

It is customary for us to stay two days at Boca Chita, then on to Gilbert's in Key Largo. But that would put us in conflict with a speed boat run, which takes over the docks as Gilberts much like we do. Two events at the same dock at the same time didn't work out that well last year, so it was decided that we would be at Boca Chita one night, and then go to Gilbert's for Wednesday night instead of Thursday night.

So off we go. Endeavour is the last to leave. These photos taken aboard Catatonic.

That's Last Resort ahead of us. We did not travel in such a tight group as we did last year.

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