The new look of Jewfish Creek. As of February 2008 the span of the high bridge is connected but has no roadway on it. Still a ways from completion but it's well underway. Lots more changes coming to Gilbert's so enjoy it as is while you can.

Bill giving Last Resort a good scrubbing.

The dinner table at Gilbert's we would normally fill.

The south end of the table, where all the action was. Our diminished numbers (read "intimate gathering") at Gilberts was a direct result of the Endeavour family emergency and moving the Gilbert's date up at the last minute. The bulk of the boats will be joining us tomorrow at Islamorada. We may have been a small group, but we had a great time and enjoyed wonderful food and friends.

Good food, fine wine, happy boaters. This is the cruising life.

After dinner, some of us (to remain un-named) closed down the Tiki Bar.

Nice car parked between the restaurant and the bar, and German tourists we met over after dinner cocktails.
Below....trying to find the boat after too many cocktails.

Thursday morning looked a little better as we left Gilberts.

Before we had traveled too far, the clouds started to roll back in. It was off and on sunshine and clouds all day.

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