Islamorada, this is where our numbers swelled to what we normally expect for our rendezvous.

We were rafted out three deep.

As usual, there was barely any water. With the boats sitting on the bottom at low tide, Rob and Erick jumped in expecting the water to come to just over their knees. They forgot to factor in the three feet of very soft muck.


In addition to our four boats, three more were already there waiting for us, and three more would arrive that day.
In addition to that, a couple more EndeavourCat owners drove in to joined us.


Power Cruising magazine sent a writer over to see what all the fuss was about. Look for an article sometime soon.


As the sun sets in the west, thoughts turn to another gathering at yet another fine restaurant.

We were seated outdoor, which is always best when you're in the Keys.

Later that night Capm Woody took some more "available light" photos of the boats.

Friday morning Last Resort's kayaks were deployed and Rob and Mary Beth went exploring.

In order to get good kayak pictures you have to get out there with them, so Bill and I grabbed the camera and the dinghy and got these shots.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that with all the rafting up to the already docked boats, we sort of overloaded the dock's electrical system by just a little bit.  "Do you guys smell something burning?"  The next morning the electricians were hard at work straightening things out.

Because of the fore mentioned transgression, we were banished to the anchorage for the second night at Islamorada, which turned out to just what we needed. Life is slower on the hook with less distractions, and with all the socializing and partying of the last few days, we needed a break. Dinghies were deployed for a few casual get togethers and the trip ashore for Italian night. Traditionally we have German food at Gilbert's because of their fine German restaurant, and Italian food at Islamorada because of their fine Italian reaturants.

The water taxi came around the anchorage, but we had already made plans to dinghy in to the beach.

Endeavour and Catatonic went without dinghies, so we had to hitch hike in.

As you can see, the anchorage is just a short ride from Laureli's which has a dinghy dock and a small beach.    Perfect.

We enjoyed cocktails and some fabulous entertainment and then walked a couple of blocks to Tower of Pizza for a great italian meal.

The next morning we did some more dinghy exploring and then headed for Bahia Honda.

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