EndeavourCat 36 Under Full Sail

The attention to detail that you see throughout the interior is also evident  up on deck.  EndeavourCats are designed to be sailed single-handed without ever leaving the cockpit.  It's no accident that all lines are at the right height and angle for minimum friction and ease of operation.   The mainsail is fully battened so there's no more flapping in heavy weather.   With the help of the rigid boom vang, it holds its shape under all points of sail.   And the vang eliminates the need for a topping lift.
All Lines Run to Cockpit All lines lead to the cockpit and are color coded for easy identification.  The sheet stoppers make sheet control simple and easy. Sheet Stoppers
Endeavour sailing cats can be reefed without ever leaving the cockpit. The two two-speed winches make easy work of sail handling, and the optional electric winch makes reefing and raising sail as easy as the touch of a button. Reef without leaving the cockpit
Camber-Spar in LazyJacks The jib features the versatile Camber Spar which guarantees perfect sail shape on any point of sail...even wing-on-wing.  Both sails rest in lazy-jacks when not in use.    Camber-Spar allowa easy wing-on-wing sailing
Both main and jib are completely self-tacking.  The  jib and main fall neatly into the lazy-jacks and a Boom Bag for the main is attached permanently to the  foot of the sail so it's always right where you need it.