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Galley Up


Galley Down

That is the question.  And it all boils down to personal preference.  Each one has its proponents.
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Our most popular galley layout is the Bi-Level galley.  We call it Bi-Level because it offers the best of both worlds.

With the Bi-Level layout, all of the kitchen work is out of the salon area, making the salon more spacious, while your upper body is still open to the salon so that you're able to converse with guests in the salon while keeping your dirty dishes and kitchen prep out of sight.  


The really big advantage of the bi-level galley is that it gives you more work area and storage than the galley up option.  The Bi-Level arrangement has  cupboards and drawers on both sides of the galley.  And plenty of room for two, or even three people to work together without getting in each others way.

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Galley Up gives you big windows at eye level and literally puts you right smack dab in the middle of everything.  That's either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your stlye.

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Whichever galley you choose, you get highly polished stainless steel twin sinks with hot and cold water mixer with highly filtered water for drinking, a 12 volt refrigerator / freezer that can run continuously on the optional solar power, a microwave and a three burner propane stove with oven. That's all standard equipment, but you can customize your galley any way you like.  Always wanted a Viking range?  Well go for it.  After all, we are custom builders.