Step down the companionway into this salon and you'll be astonished by it's spaciousness. No other narrow beam catamaran can boast such a spacious and comfortable salon for entertaining or just relaxing. Notice that on the port side, the other sofa has an open backrest, allowing visual contact and conversation with those in the galley.  The placement of hatches and the wide, fixed windows keeps the salon bright with natural light during the day.  

For even more light and ventilation, notice that additional hatches have been installed in the ceiling of thisSailing Cat. And with a minimum interior height of 6 1/2 feet, the TrawlerCat 44 stands head and shoulders above the others.

The salon table can be expanded in every direction.  It can be raised, lowered and opened into any number of convenient configurations, depending on your needs. This versatile, custom made table converts from a small coffee table, to a medium sized dining table and keeps unfolding into a truly huge dining table, large enough to sit eight or nine with additional chairs.

This shows the table all folded out but without the two leaves which expand it another 14 inches on both sides.
The photo below is looking aft showing the electrical panel, TV, icemaker, freezer and companionway steps.