An impromptu rendezvous was held at Legacy Harbor Marina in Ft. Myres, FL after hearing that 4 EndeavourCats were there. With 4 owners, 3 with guests and 2 owners driving in by car from close locations of their boats, we thought it was time for an Endeavour Catamaran Rendezvous.

Meeting inside the clubhouse because of high winds, 20 people with covered dishes of delicious foods told stories of their travels on the water, laughed and made new friends who we hope we'll see along the way in our EndeavourCats.  Fun was had by all!

So, when you're on the water at a marina or anchor with one, two or three Endeavour Catamarans ----
 do as we did !!
"Rendezvous" ----- and then send us the pics!!