The TrawlerCat 48 galley/salon, bright, beautiful, modern and with all the conveniences of home.

This elegant galley boasts an island bar with highly polished stainless steel twin sinks with hot and cold water mixer, propane stove, combination microwave/convection oven, well insulated side-by-side front loading refrigerator/freezers, a separate ice maker and a water purification system.  All this is standard equipment on the Endeavour TrawlerCat 48.  Making most of the things people would want as standard equipment is an Endeavour tradition.  Another example why an EndeavourCat is such an outstanding value.

The TrawlerCat 48 actually has two identical refrigerator/freezer units standing side by side.  In the left picture above, the second refrigerator/freezer is blocked from view by the door of the first one.  The picture on the right is of the standard ice maker and the optional wine chiller.

A dishwashing drawer is also available and is so efficient and quiet you won't even hear it running.

This galley is open to the salon and keeps anyone on kitchen duty right in the middle of all the activities.  For those of you used to having a wide open kitchen, this arrangement will make you feel right at home.

The seating arrangement in the salon is flexible and can be tailored to the owner's personal tastes and needs.  Shown here is a wrap around sofa with one or more free standing chairs.  A hide-a-bed convertible could easily be used here, either manufactured or custom made. 

This view, taken from the port side of the salon, shows the hallway leading forward to the three staterooms, each with it's own private head.  The galley is to the right, just outside the view from this picture.


As you walk down the hallway, on the left you pass the twin refrigerator/freezers and the electrical panel situated at eye level for the ultimate in easy access.