Up a flight of stairs, you'll enter yet another huge room that can seat another dozen or more people.

The comfortable SkyLounge is fully climate controlled by its own dedicated central heat and air conditioning system whether at the dock or underway.  There are very large opening windows on each side, and rear sliding doors, so visibility is excellent in all directions. Open all the windows and the breezes flow through unabated. Notice the cabinet on the right with the lamp sitting on top?

It's actually a refrigerated drawer.
 A great place to keep beverages so you won't have to be running up and down the stairs to fetch a drink.
Looking forward is the video entertainment center. Watch movies, videos, TV shows,
or play video games on this 60 inch screen that rises out of the cabinet at the touch of a button.

The steering station is located all the way forward in the SkyLounge and will keep you completely out of the weather no matter how bad it gets.  You'll stay warm all winter or cool all summer. 

The steering station is laid out for safety and convenience.  All controls are right at hand.  There's ample space for any instrument you could ever want, even the popular large screen radars and chart plotters.

When the traffic gets serious it's good to know you have everything you need to keep your vessel safe.

The 360 degree visibility in all weather conditions reassures everyone aboard.

The large comfortable sofa is located right next to the steering station so your guests can join you while you're underway and enjoy the scenery. Notice the large door in the front of the SkyLounge.

This weather tight door opens onto the upper fore deck where there's more lounging space out in the fresh air.

Comfortable deck pads await all the sunbathers...
....with access to the lower foredeck without disturbing your guests.
The sliding glass doors at the rear of the SkyLounge open onto yet another lounge area facing aft.