Why Endeavour?

Power Cat Powerhouse

30 Years of History…Powering into the Future

Endeavour luxury cruising power catamarans offer the experience of a lifetime, last a lifetime, and were crafted by a boat builder with a lifetime of experience.

How We Got Here…

From Monohull Sailboats to Luxury Cruising Power Catamarans

Founded in 1974 in Clearwater, Florida, Endeavour built monohull sailboats and catamaran sailboats until designing the first American built power cruising catamarans in 1996. The power cats were conceived for sailboat owners who spent most of their time motoring and found the inconvenience of a mast and sails prevented them from fully exploring. With two reinforced hulls and a practical design layout, Endeavour powercats offer an incredible ease of operation with an extremely smooth and quiet ride. The Endeavour TrawlerCat line has evolved to include new entry level models featuring the latest in technology and amenities that are surprisingly economical to own.

Why Endeavour?

State of the Art, Factory Direct, Made in the U.S.A.!

Endeavour Catamaran is proud to build the biggest power catamarans in the country with our massive 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility including the largest cutting-edge paint facility in the region and a state-of-the-art waterfront marina/boatyard offering excellent service.

A Lifetime of Experience: Bob Vincent’s Practical Design, Customer Service Are Legendary

Endeavor Catamaran President Bob Vincent has logged thirty years designing, manufacturing, and cruising in Endeavour vessels, beginning with monohull sailboats and catamarans, with the transition to luxury cruising power cats in the 1990s. With decades of experience on the water and a background in mechanical engineering, Bob has distilled Endeavour cruising to an art. His practical approach to design yields a simple, low maintenance powercat with shallow drafts to enjoy increased cruising area and the maneuverability to fit into any standard slip. What’s more, EndeavourCat owners say Bob’s customer service is unparalleled especially with the able assistance of his wife, Alice, who specializes in stylish interiors and warm welcomes.

Once you own an Endeavour, you’re always part of the family and you’re always welcome back. When you bring your EndeavourCat in for upgrading or maintenance, the specialists who service your boat are the same team of skilled craftsman who built it, as most of Endeavour’s loyal crew of fiberglass experts, painters, electricians and other specialists have been with the company for decades. This dedication goes both ways. When boating sales were low, Bob Vincent adapted by adding a custom fabrication division. They made fiberglass football helmets for the NFL , manufactured mobile dog grooming stations, crafted an electric boat, and built a unique floating dock system to keep the staff employed until the boat market recovered.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Endeavour TrawlerCats are famous for superior craftsmanship and performance capability as well for spacious and stylish interiors and an extremely efficient layout. Two reinforced hulls offer a smooth, stable, and quiet ride. Our design is instantly recognizable and our crafts super durable. They can easily handle varying weather conditions, with fuel efficiency that allows for long voyages without worry.

“EndeavourCats offer the most forgiving, stable platform available in boating,” says EndeavourCat’s Bob Vincent. “The stability gives boaters a confidence that allows them to learn much faster. They’re surprisingly easy to keep cool and incredibly efficient to maintain, two things very important to tropical boaters.”

We earn rave reviews for unsurpassed customer service, from family cruisers to serious fishermen. Our catamarans are factory direct only, built with the owner’s expectations in mind. Says Vincent, “Our mantra is: Would we, as an owner, accept it?”

Cats that Last a Lifetime

EndeavourCats last lifetimes! A 20 year old EndeavourCat will ride like new and look as good as new. Our practical, low maintenance design and fuel efficiency keep owners ecstatic for decades. With a cult following, we have a growing number of second and third-time buyers who have made EndeavourCats their brand of boat for a lifetime. So, as many of our owners upgrade in size, there’s always a waiting list for EndeavourCats on the second-hand market!

30 years of history powering into the future…EndeavourCats offer the experience of a lifetime, last a lifetime, and were crafted by a boat builder with a lifetime of experience. Factory direct, made in the U.S.A., contact us to see an Endeavour luxury cruising catamaran being built or to take a ride!